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Reducing worker's exposure levels to health hazards

KOSHA pays special attention to workers handling highly toxic substances or workplaces with high levels of noise and dust exposure
Related Act
OSH Act Article 24 (Health Measures) Article 39 (Management of Harmful Agents)
Article 41 (Preparation, Keeping, etc. of Material Safety Data Sheet)
Article 42 (Work Environment Monitoring) Article 43 (Health Examination)
  • Workplaces subject to special assistance
  • Workplaces above 1/2 exposure limit(action level) of hazardous chemicals
  • Workplaces exceeding noise and dust exposure limits
  • Types of support provided to workplaces
  • Technical support: Improvement working conditions through engineering control
  • Supporting illness prevention program for different hazard types
  • Customized technical support for different types of workplaces: performance test of local exhaust ventilation system, reviewing MSDS, training & education for occupational illness prevention, providing related data, etc