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Prevention of acute chemical poisoning

KOSHA provides customized professional consultations for processes that can trigger acute poisonings caused by chemical substances . This is to protect the health of workers handling hazardous chemicals and improve their work environment
Related Act : OSH Act Article 24 (Health Measures), Article 39 (Management of Harmful Agents)
  • Details on technical support
  • Characteristics of the hazardous substances: Main usages, sources, and physicochemical characteristics
  • Health effects: Exposure route, symptoms of acute exposures, and monitoring after the exposure
  • Management system: Exposure limits, work environment measurement (sampling of the substances), and special health examination (focused on the health effects of the hazardous substances)
  • Hazard identification
  • Process outline, examples of exposure, LEV, inspection key points, etc
  • Good maintenance and inspection, cleaning, PPEs, training, and educations, etc
  • Investigation of the causes for cases of occupational diseases