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Ethical Management

  • New KOSHA Innovation & Contribution
    • We are engaged in active research and development for a safer and healthier work environment, such as performing risk assessment of chemicals, evaluating working environments, and conducting epidemiological surveys on occupational accidents and diseases.
  • Ethical management
  • Everyone at KOSHA is doing their best to exercise the duty based on integrity and trust.
    • Awarded top prize for integrity in service provided by the Korea Anti-corruption Commission in 2004
    • Selected as the outstanding organization for 2004 Pension Fund Area Management result evaluation
    • Awarded the top prize in 2005 human resource development area at the National Productivity Award
    • Ranked number 1 in project operation area for the Welfare and Labor Area Fund Management evaluation result by the Ministry of Planning and Budget in 2003 and 2005
    • Built up an ethical management promotion infrastructure: we are practicing ethical management not only with internal and external customers but also with regional communities and affiliates as well as cooperating companies by organizing a dedicated team and a promotion team, with the chairman of the board.
    • Drew up an ethical management charter: we have drawn up an ethical charter, a code of ethics and a code of conduct in order to build a transparent and trusted KOSHA
    • Ethical management evaluation criteria: we are making an effort to practice strict ethics management by developing evaluation criteria that is related to the anti-corruption area.
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • KOSHA is always developing a wide variety of management systems for customer satisfaction.
    • Foster a base for providing customized service: we are raising customer satisfaction by carrying out regular surveys on our services and by monitoring projects.
    • Operate an organic system in which customers participate: we are realizing two way communications by providing a service directly to customers, by processing public petitions quickly and by opening a variety of channels including the Internet.
    • Build and operate a customer resource management system (K-CRM): we are continuously offering a customized service to satisfy a wide range of customer demands along with a customer relations management system.
  • Public Service
  • Management and employees at KOSHA are voluntarily participating in a variety of public service activities with an aim to build a more livable world.
    • Roll out the campaign for sharing love: we are engaged in a wide variety of activities to support regional communities including a fund raising drive to help the disadvantaged people, public service activity in agricultural areas (forming sister relationship between one company and one village) and public service activity in provincial areas.
    • Disseminate safety know-how to all areas of society: along with designating model schools for safety education, we are carrying out training for safety education instructors and inspectors for homes, schools and public facilities.
    • Foster a culture of safety: we work together with local governments to promote occupational accident prevention and raise awareness towards a culture of safety by presenting awards to persons or organizations that have distinguished themselves in creating a culture of safety.