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Patrol Cars


  • The aim is to maximize the effectiveness of fatality-reducing programs by ensuring strategic use of patrol cars during on-site patrol and checks, while also raising awareness of, and commitment to, industrial safety through increasing the visibility of frequent checks, thereby helping to meet the target for fatality reduction and improve the on-site mobility of patrol agents.


Patrol and checks Year-round patrol Diverse safety and health services Safety culture and PR
Unannounced checks and patrol of high-risk, fatality-prone work sites Using patrol cars in the same manner as police cruisers Through collaboration with local governments and active recruitment and support for work sites to be subsidized Support for safety campaigns and other such public activities
  • Intensive patrol and checks on high-risk work sites
  • Patrol cars to be used in intensive patrol and checks on construction sites with high risks for falling.
  • Year-round operation of patrol cars on construction and other fatality-prone work sites and areas nationwide to ensure thoroughgoing checks and raise public awareness.
  • - Ensuring that the image of patrol cars itself would stand for checks, and thereby improving volunteer compliance and prevention of work site accidents and injuries, by making patrol cars a permanent feature of programs involving patrol and checks, including those providing technical support and checks.
  • Prompt mobilization and timely response for major accidents and emergencies
  • Strengthening collaboration with local governments and identify & support for work sites to be subsidized
  • Work sites found to be at high risk by local governmental authorities are to be included in the joint patrol/checks/inspection routine of the KOSHA and local governments, with patrol cars regularly dispatched there to facilitate and reinforce collaboration.
  • Work sites in need of subsidies are to be recruited and supported actively.
  • Safety culture and PR
  • Patrol cars to be used to support safety-themed public events, including Safety Day campaigns.
  • Patrol cars to be featured in public relations (PR) activities that raise safety culture, particularly against common accidents like falls, on small construction sites and in manufacturing clusters.