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On-site Patrol and Checks


  • The program involves unannounced patrol and checks of sites, works, and machinery and facilities with high risks of fatality to raise awareness of necessary sanctions against risky workplaces, and thereby to help reduce fatalities.


  • Targets
  • Every manufacturing facility of any industry hiring fewer than 50 workers, and every construction site with a contract valued at less than KRW 5 billion.
  • Patrol force
  • The patrol officers are to act in pairs, with either on-site patrol task forces set up (consisting of either full-time or concurrent patrol officers) at the regional headquarters or a specific task force appointed in each agency, depending on the availability of manpower and other conditions of the patrol agencies.
  • Method
  • The core fatal risks affecting worksites of different industries (e.g., falls in construction industry, caught in/between machinery in manufacturing industry) are to be identified and subjected to intensive checks.
  • - Measures to eliminate/reduce the risks of falls and being caught in/between machinery are to be demanded without delay, with appropriate warning signs* displayed to inform workers of risks.
  • ※ Checklists for being caught in/between machinery and fatality-prone facilities and fall-warning hanging signs are to be created and distributed across manufacturing and construction sites, respectively.
  • Safety evaluation
  • The level of safety on each site is to be evaluated in light of how risks are being managed, the owner’s awareness of safety, and the presence of a safety and health control system in effect.
  • - Specifically, each site is to be graded on a five-point scale along three dimensions, i.e., (1) the extensiveness and effectiveness of on-site risk management, (2) the owner's awareness of and commitment to safety, and (3) the availability and operation of a safety and health control system.
  • Confirmation of outcomes
  • Where improvements and other such actions are required of the inspected site, the patrol officers shall verify and confirm the report submitted by the site on the outcome of the actions taken (complete with pictures, where applicable), and organize another on-site checks if necessary to check the outcome.