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Prevention of MSDs

Targeting workplaces and industries that are vulnerable to musculoskeletal disorders, KOSHA provides guidance on ways to eradicate associated work hazards and suggests possible improvement measures. This contributes to establishing preventive measures in each workplace and helps to encourage voluntary prevention activities
Purpose of the workplace survey
The purpose of the workplace survey is to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze hazards in work areas that can cause musculoskeletal burdens, in order to prevent MSDs. The results of the survey cannot be used as an evidence to deny the morbidity of the MSDs or as a counter evidence
Purpose of the workplace survey
When to conduct workplace survey?
  • Regular workplace survey: Every three years or more frequently
  • Ad hoc survey
    • When workers are found to have developed musculoskeletal diseases (conditions) after receiving tentative health examinations under the OSHA Act. Or when the workers’ conditions are recognized as work-related in accordance with Annex 3 of Enforcement Decree of Industrial Accident Compens ation Insurance Act
    • When the workplace introduced new work task or equipment that can cause musculoskeletal burdens
    • When there are changes in work conditions ? work load or work processes ? that can cause muscul oskeletal burdens
Procedure of prevention program
  • The program follows the process described as below
Procedure of prevention program
Procedure of prevention program
Workplace factors: inappropriate tools, ergonomic charis, desks, keyboard, moniotrs, etc.
Human factors: Age, physical condition, experience, habit, medical history, domestic work, etc.
Environmental factors: Vibration, lighting, temperature, etc.
Factors innate to the task: Work posture, repetitive movement, etc.