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Development of KOSHA Guide

We are coping with the changes in domestic and foreign technological standards and satisfying various technological demands of the industry by developing and distributing the KOSHA Guide in order to provide the atmosphere for autonomous safety and health activities.
  • To uplift the expertise of the development technical guide, we review and adopt the guide through the Standards Establishment Committees for 10 categories composed of experts from related fields including academic circles and organizations.
  • The department concerned under the Standards Establishment Committee of each category carries out a series of operations such as the discovery of agenda in the corresponding category, preliminary review of the agenda presented, referring to Standards Establishment Committee, and registration to homepage.
The technical guide reviewed and adopted are distributed for free through KOSHA homepage (www.kosha.or.kr)
KOSHA participates as the regular member (P-Member: Member with voting right) of the Technical Committee of the International Standard Organization
  • The guide reflects the opinions of domestic industries on the establishment of international standards and the international standards such as ISO TC 108 (Mechanical Vibration), TC 31 (Explosion-Proof Electric Installation), TC 44 (Electric Safety of Industrial Installation), and TC 79 (Alert System).