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Harm and Hazard Prevention Plan

Harm and hazard prevention plan: to protect workers' safety and health
In accordance with Article 48 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, safety inspections (reviews) are required prior to installation, relocation, or alteration of key equipment used in the manufacturing industry. This is to secure the safety of the equipment while ensuring and enhancing workers’ safety and health
Submission deadline and process
Submission deadline: 15 days prior to commencement of work
※ Ministry of Employment and Labor Notification 2008-82: Article 2 (Definition) Paragraph 4
"Commencement of work" refers to the initiation of any works involving installation, relocation, or alteration of structures, machines, equipment, or devices that require the submission of "Harm and hazard prevention plan" Submission of the “Harm and hazard prevention plan” and the payment of fees
  • Submission: The nearest Regional /Area offices of KOSHA
  • Payment: Bank account numbers are to be provided when applying for the inspections (reviews)
Inspection (review) procedure
Inspection (review) procedure

※ The submitted Harm and Hazard Prevention Plan is reviewed for its validity and appropriateness, and the results are announced within 15 days of submission

Follow-up management
Follow-up management

※ KOSHA notifies follow-up management schedule and visits the workplaces on the scheduled date. After checking whether the workplace is implementing the Plan, KOSHA sends the results within 5 days

- The date of follow-up management: during the pilot operation period stated in the Plan