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Accident Investigation

Investigating major occupational injuries and illnesses: To prevent reoccurrence of similar accidents in the future
KOSHA investigates the causes of fatal accidents in workplaces, to analyze the root causes, suggest countermeasures, and prevent similar accidents in the same industry. Furthermore, the accident cases are distributed to workplaces as useful information.
Accidents subject for investigation
Major occupational injuries and illnesses Major industrial accidents
- Incidences that led to one or more fatalities - Incidences that led to two or more injuries or illnesses requiring at least 3 months of medical treatment - Incidences that lead to 10 or more injuries or illnesses - Leaks, fires, and explosions of hazardous substances from harmful and hazardous facilities that caused immediate damage to the workers or can negatively affect neighboring areas
Accident Investigation Process
Accident Investigation Process
An accident occurs(in workplace)
Regional employment & labor office
Ministry of Employment and Labor
KOSHA Regional / Area Offices
after compltion of accident investigation
  1. Accdient statistics analysis
  2. Write and distribute accident case reports
  3. Enhance the capacity of accident investigators
Number of investigated cases by year
Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
No. of invested cases 443 496 439 450