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Technical Support, etc

Technical support for construction sites at risk of large-scale accidents
  • Construction projects that are being resumed after long periods of suspension. (Due to conditions in the construction sites)
  • Construction of high-rise buildings, which have the risks of supporting post collapse
  • Other construction sites with risks of large-scale accidents
Target Construction Sites/Works
  • Form timber works, precast concrete, and steel frame fabrication of buildings 6 meters or taller in height
  • Construction sites with fire and explosion hazards (large-scale lodging facilities, retail shops, performance facilities, etc.)
  • Laying large pipes (Ø800m/m or larger)
  • Deep excavations 20 meters or deeper
  • Large-scale dismantling works or other construction sites that are determined by regional/area offices to be at risk of large-scale accidents
※ Excluding construction sites subject to submitting "Harm and Hazard Prevention Plan" (but includes construction sites subject to "Self-regulatory Safety Management")
Technical support for accident prevention: Falls, slips, and trips
Accidents involving falls, slips, and trips account for 47% or more of accidents in the construction sector. Public agencies (clients), construction companies and KOSHA take their respective roles to prevent these accidents, while some areas are selected to focus the accident prevention efforts
Technical support for construction sites with high risks of fall
The construction industry is characterized by the frequent changes in the types of work it involves