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Financial Support

  • KOSHA provides financial support for improvement of working environments.
    • Providing financial support and follow-ups for making workplaces safe is one of the most important projects of KOSHA. We concentrate financial support to vulnerable workplaces. We will continue such financial support which will ultimately lead to economic growth.
  • Financial support for accident prevention
    • KOSHA provides about 100 billion won per year for small-sized workplaces to promote the Clean Workplace Creation. As a result, the workplaces with the Clean Workplace certification have shown significant annual decreases in occupational accident rates: 32.1% in 2002, 35.4% in 2003, and 25.4% in 2004.
  • Creating Clean Workplace
    • To prevent industrial accidents at small and medium-sized enterprises, KOSHA executes risk assessment and provides financial support.
  • Musculoskeletal disorder prevention programs
    • The programs provide financial support for the activities to prevent musculoskeletal disorders at work, such as establishing an occupational musculoskeletal disorder system and purchasing necessary equipment and building exercise facilities.
  • Improvement of working environments at workplaces subject to High-pitch Noises
    • By providing consultation services and financial support, KOSHA helps enterprises resolve the issue of noise pollution.
  • Support of loans for industrial accident prevention facilities
    • The project provides long-term and low interest loans for workplaces with low financial capability in order to encourage the investment in industrial accident prevention.