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게시판 상세페이지
Dr. Ahn, Jong Ju is inaugurated as the 15th president of Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency(KOSHA) 2022.01.12
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)
Dr. Ahn, Jong Ju, the former director of Social Safety Communication
Center at Korea Social Policy Institute, is inaugurated as the 15th
President of Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency.

The inaugural ceremony was held on 10th January at the headquarters of
KOSHA in Ulsan. His tenure is three-year until 2025.

The president highlighted “workers’ safety is crucial. In other words,
workers safety mirrors on people’s safety”and he said, “I will design
a safe and sound society for all workers with a new strategy to cut fatal accidents at workplaces.”

His major career has such a wide range of activities: environment
and health journalist of the Hankyoreh newspaper, executive director of
National Health Insurance Service, director of sub-department of the
Presidential Commission on Policy Planning, professor at the graduate
school of Health and Welfare of Dankook University, honorary mayor of
Seoul metropolitan city and member of Special commission of Social Disaster.

Especially, the president was the first reporter of the CS2 poisoning
at Wonjin Rayon which was a symbolic occupational disease in Korea, and
news of asbestos-related occupational cancer. 

His report raised the alarm over every corner of our society. His
following accomplishments in the varied areas; public, academia, and
others within our society are contributed to establishing national occupational
safety and health policy.

The president wrote several books on occupational safety and health in
Korean society - Asbestos; a silent killer (2008), Society with amplified
risk(2012), and Stolen breath (2016).