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03. KOSHA 18001

What Is OSH Management System?
"OSH Management System" is a systematic safety and health activity through a cyclic process of P-D-C-A. Upon the CEO’s commitment of safety and health policy, an action plan is established (Plan), the plan is performed and managed (Do), inspected and corrected (Check), and the result is reviewed by the CEO (Act)
What is KOSHA 18001 Certification?
A system of approval in which a company's management structure is screened and then recognized to satisfy the requirements according to the OSH Management System (KOSHA 18001) enacted by KOSHA to establish a set of voluntary management system relating to safety and health at work. * Constituted by the ISO system, a comprehensive establishment of quality/environmental management system is possible
  • Structure of KOSHA 18001

    Continual Improvement

    OSH Policy CEO’s Review

    Action Plan

    • Risk assessment
    • Review of regulations, etc
    • General goal and dept. goals
    • OSH activity promotion plans

    Checking & Correction

    • Performance measurement and monitoring
    • Corrective and preventative measure
    • Records/internal audit

    Implementation & Operation

    • Structure and responsibilities
    • Awareness, training and competence
    • Communication and information
    • Documentation/Control of document
    • OSH activities (Operation management)
    • Emergency preparedness and response

    KOSHA18001 Certification Standard

  • Positive outcomes through KOSHA 18001 Certification
    • Increased customer satisfaction and enhanced corporate image contribute to loss reduction and better management
    • Standardization of duties and clarification of authority and responsibilities prevent human errors
    • Systematic risk management is made possible by employing scientific risk assessment methods
    • Smooth communication through workers’ participation allows sustainable safety management
    • Prompt response to rapidly changing management environment contributes to risk reduction of enterprises
    KOSHA 18001 Positive outcomes
    KOSHA 18001 Positive outcomes
    Systematic risk management
    Better management
    Reliable safety management
    Prevention of human errors
    Reduction Incorporate risks
  • Certification Process
    Certification Process
    Certification Process
    Application form / Required documents: Consultation / Application for certification
    KOSHA & Applicant: Contract (Technical Experts Team of Regional office)
    Status Review(Document Screening)
    KOSHA: Technical Assistance Consultation(when requested)
    Certification Evaluation?(On-Site Inspection)
    KOSHA Certification Committee: Certification Deliberation(Technical Experts Team of KOSHA HQ)
    Certificate / Plaque of Certification: Certification Deliberation(Technical Experts Team of KOSHA HQ)
    Technical Experts Team of Regional Office: Every year Follow-up Management
    Technical Experts Team of Regional Office: Every 3year. after Certification? / Renewal Inspection
  • KOSHA 18001 Certification Categories
    • All industries: Worksites and work units of all industries
  • Certification Standards by Category

    □ OSH Management System Category

    □ OSH Activities Category

    • Safety measures at work
    • Safety measures on heavy loads and transport machinery
    • Protective measures on dangerous machinery and equipment
    • Self-inspection
    • Prevention of explosions, fires and hazardous material leaks
    • Prevention of accidents involving electricity
    • Maintaining pleasant work environment
    • Preventing health hazards of workers
    • Assisting partner companies’ OSH activities
    • OSH manager’s roles and functions
    • Operation of occupational health committees
    • Investigating accidents at work

    □ OSH Personnel Interview Category

    • What the management needs to know
    • What the intermediate managers need to know
    • What the on-site supervisors need to know
    • What the OSH managers need to know
    • What the partner company managers need to know
  • The required number of reviews / evaluations / and follow-up management by workplace size

    All industries (excluding construction)

    Workplace size Status Review Certification Evaluation Follow-up Management
    < 50 2 2 1
    50 <= 99 2 3 1
    100 <= 299 3 4 2
    300 <= 999 3 5 3
    1,000 <= 1,999 4 6 4
    2,000 <= 4,999 5 8 4
    > 5,000 6 10 5
  • Simultaneous Certification of KOSHA 18001 and OHSAS 18001

    Target : Workplaces seeking to receive both KOSHA 18001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications at the same time

    Method : KOSHA and another international certification institution¹ which signed an MOU with KOSHA relating to the simultaneous certification, run the reviews and evaluations for certification

    BSI (British Standards Institutions)
    DNV (Det Notske Veritas)
    BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International)
    LRQA(Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance)
    SGS(Society of General Surveillance)
    UL(Underwriters Laboratory, Inc)
    TSK(Tuv Sud Korea)
    KSR(Korea Knowledge Standards Registrar)
    KFQ(Korean Foundation for Quality)
    KR(Korean Register)
    KQA(Korea Quality Assurance)
    KSA(Korea Standard Association)
    SYSKO(System Korea Certification)

    Benefits of simultaneous certification

    • Workplaces can simultaneously receive KOSHA 18001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications upon passing the reviews and evaluations.
    • Certification fees are cheaper compared to when being certified by an international institution alone
  • KOSHA 18001 certified companies
    Category Companies
    Chemicals manufacturing Hyundai Oilbank, LG Chem, Kumho Petrochemical, Hanwha, Hanwha Chemical, KCC ? Ulsan, SK Chemicals, Kolon Industries, Samsung Electronics ? Gumi, Samsung Total Petrochemicals
    Electronics manufacturing Samsung Electronics ? Gwangju, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, LG Display, Hynix Semiconductor, LG Siltron, MagnaChip Semiconductor, Samsung SDI
    Manufacturing of equipment and machinery for transport Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, Korean Air, Mando, Halla Climate Control, Samsung Techwin
    Manufacturing of equipment and machinery Rinnai, Poongsan, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Doosan Engine, Doosan Infracore ? Incheon, Changwon, Hanwhat TechM
    Electricity, gas, and water supply Korea Midland Power, Korea South East Power, Korea Westernpower, Korea East-West Power, Korea Southern Power, LG Power
    Warehousing, etc Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Plant Service & Engineering, Handok Pharmaceuticals
    Metal refining Posco ? Gwangyang and partner companies, Dongkuk Steel

    ※ As of December 31, 2006: 337 workplaces

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